How to Improve Your Horse Safety Skills
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I E P, Illustrated Educational Publications, Introduces an informative and fun quiz and coloring book-

How to Improve Your Horse Safety Skills

Young people love this method of learning and easily remember the vivid illustrations which apply to safety in a variety of riding situations.

Through the use of quizzes, poetry and humorous drawings, safety precautions are emphasized with clarity.
Areas illustrated include safety in catching, leading, handling, safety knot tying, saddling, bridling, mounting and riding. Both English and Western riders are featured throughout the booklet.

There is enough information in the 32 page booklet to provide leaders of horse-related projects substantial information for several learning sessions. We believe that when leaders and parents see this booklet, they will want their youngsters to have this useful teaching aid.

4-H Groups, Guest Ranches, Stables and Individuals from the United States, Canada, and Europe use this booklet yearly as part of their riding program.

Our best wishes to you for a safe and wonderful riding season.

Kindest regards,
Marty and Beverly Read
Co-Authors and Illustrators


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